Absolute Security

The safety of your home is crucial, and here at absolute, we feel that a good sound security system helps not only in crime prevention, but also provides you with piece of mind. We install and manage systems of both alarms and CCTV, giving you full control and access to the system wherever you are.

Range of Products and services below:


Our Alarm systems can be wired or wireless, depending on your needs. We install market leading systems which are not only highly effective, but also easy to use. Certain systems will also notify you when the alarm is activated, either through phone or text message, or smart phone notification.
We will install a system to your exact specifications, using both motion sensors, and contact sensors for doors and windows. Our alarms are zoned, showing you exactly where the activation occurred.


We install multi camera, fully interactive systems, which can be both recorded and live monitored, through your pc or other internet conected device(internet speed depending). We also install cameras which can rotate 360 degrees, either automatically or user controlled.
This means that even away from home, you can monitor your cctv using a smart phone or pc.

Full Security

A full security system incorporates both alarm and cctv, working together to help protect your home. With a full system, if the worst happens and you are a victim of crime whilst away, our alarm will notify you immediately, and you can control your cctv to help identify any possible offenders or vehicles, helping to catch the person responsible. In many cases, if installed, our systems will be linked into the SMARTS system, allowing full control. Please see the Absolute Smarts page for further information.

Feel free to email us with any questions at enquiries@goabsolute.co.uk, and someone will get straight back to you.