Absolute - Plumbing and Heating

Here at Absolute, we focus our installations on the customer needs, whilst providing expert advice in respect of efficiency and style. We are registered and certified to carry out all types of installations and maintenance.

Boiler Swap/Combi Conversion.

In this we remove the existing boiler, and replace with a new high efficiency condensing Boiler. The existing system is flushed out using specialist cleaning fluid. After this a good hot system flush is given again. This removes all of the old residue which gathers in the pipes and radiators, which in turn increases heat output and efficiency, keeping you warm on the cold nights and reducing costs. The old radiator valves will be changed, allowing for new thermostatic valves to be installed, providing you with more control over the system. If you currently have an old boiler and cylinder, this can be converted into a new Combi boiler system, providing you with instant hot water, not having to heat up a large cylinder of water all the time, and allowing you to re-use the upstairs cupboard where the cylinder was.

Re-locating the boiler?

Not happy with the unsightly boiler in the middle of the kitchen? With this service we will remove the old boiler and install the new one in a location of your choice, giving you much needed cupboard space.

Full Heating System Installation.

A full heating installation is where we remove the existing heating system, including the water tanks in the loft, and install a new pressurised high efficiency system. Our expert engineers will work with you throughout the installation, calculating the ideal sizes and locations of radiators, whilst ensuring they work well with your decor. We have numerous accounts with radiator manufacturers, and can provide a wide range of products in all shapes, sizes and colours. This ranges from a simple white under the window unit, to a simply fabulous, bold tower radiator that will compliment your new room beautifully.

Power Flush

A power flush allows your heating system to be thoroughly cleared of any sludge, rust particles and limescale causing it not to work to its full capacity. A power flush is advised if any of your radiators have cold spots, you have bled the radiators and dirty water is coming out, or before a new boiler installation. The following is information on how to clean a heating system. Water and cleaning chemicals will be pumped throughout your heating system at a high velocity, removing any sludge, rust and limescale. The process will continue until only clean pH neutral water is left in your central heating system. Once this has been completed our Central Heating Flush engineer will remove the power flush machine and will set your central heating system back up to work again.

Servicing/Gas Safety.

At Absolute, we have service technicians who service gas appliances and provide gas safety certificates. This is beneficial to both domestic users and landlords.

Our landlords gas safety contracts are very competitive and reliable.


No-one likes to come home to a cold house, and no landlord likes the midnight call. Here at Absolute we provide a 24 hour call out service, and we carry numerous spares to ensure we get you working. Worst case scenario, we have heaters and water boilers to loan out until you are fully up and running. We don't believe in leaving people in the cold.


Control is an absolute paramount factor in any heating installation, which is often overlooked by other companies. At Absolute, we ensure you have full control of your system. We have a wide range of control options, as outlined below:

Basic control.

Not everyone wants a control is a remote powered technical wonder, and basic controls suits them perfectly. We use a 7 day, easy to use digital controller, which can either be fixed to the wall or moved round with the user, monitoring the temperature of the room it's in.

Wi-Fi control (home Wi-Fi required).

With this control you can monitor, and adjust your home heating anywhere, from either a pc or smartphone app. Homeowners waste hundreds of pounds by not efficiently controlling the system. If you're late home or staying out for the night, you can turn off the heating. Finishing work early? Why not have the house toasty for when you get in.

Zoned Heating (Full Heating System Installations)

Zoned Heating is an exciting development in the domestic heating market. This splits yours house into two or more systems, whist still only using one boiler. This means you don't have to heat up your bedrooms up all day whilst they sit empty, and likewise the downstairs at night. This provides a significant reduction in heating costs, for an initially small outlay.

Zoned Heating (Existing Systems)

Absolute installs LightwaveRF products, allowing you to have Wifi controlled zoned heating in every room, without the expense and inconvenience of moving pipework. Each or any radiator can be fitted with a Wifi controlled Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV), which incorporates a room thermostat. This allows you to turn off unused rooms. Guests arriving? Have the room nice and warm for when they arrive, from wherever you are. If you do have an eye for technology, take a look at the CONTROLS page to see exactly how you can bring your home screaming into the 21st century.


Here at Absolute, we understand the need to retain the traditional look of your home. We can provide column radiators to suit every room, or if you have traditional radiators installed, we can have them sympathetically restored to your exact specifications.

Feel free to email us with any questions at enquiries@goabsolute.co.uk, and someone will get straight back to you.